The two Directors that started Sterilizing Equipment Sales & Service (SESS), David Flanagan and Denis Norman are qualified tradesman. SESS was built on quality service and since 1983 customer satisfaction has remained of utmost importance to us.We have over 16 specialist qualified tradesman and a call centre ready to attend your call. We have offices in: BRISBANE – GOLD COAST – TOWNSVILLE – SUNSHINE COAST – CAIRNS

SESS can supply spare parts to, install, repair, maintain, and validate your steriliser, autoclave, low temperature plasma sterilizer, washer disinfector, medical cabinet, endoscope washer, drying cabinet, warming cabinet, bedpan sanitiser, ultrasonic cleaner or electric steam generator or boiler. We can also supply detergent for your washer disinfector.

We are the authorised service agents for:

SONICLEAN   Electric East Coast Steam boilers

Validation of sterilizers and washer disinfectors to Australian standards.